pic-1Security requirements of large door openings, is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important in the world we now live in. With this necessity, combined with the level, frequency, and type of traffic flow, is the first step in determining which type of door is best suited to an application at hand. There are many doors on the market that are used for large openings, but when traffic frequency is high, these slow action doors often will remain in the open position, and therefore compromising not only security, but any temperature and dust control that may be required.

The rigorously designed Efaflex High Speed door, is such a door that should be considered as an effective and reliable alternative.

Efaflex Gmbh are German manufacturers of premium high speed spiral, roll up and folding doors, which can be used for indoor or external applications for all types of facilities, including building carparks, warehouses, emergency facilities, correctional centres, production facilities and stores.

The Efaflex range of doors provides both a secure access control and improved security by its fast action opening and closing. With opening speeds of approximately two metres per second, the Efaflex doors will minimise the time the door is open and therefore reduce the risk of being exposed to unauthorised entry. The doors blades are constructed from various material options, including extruded double walled aluminium, insulated panels, clear PC glass, punched ventilated aluminium, and flexible PVC. The door blades are securely tracked within the door’s columns, which provide a greater level of seal and security when compared with a roller shutter door.

Another powerful design feature, is that the door blade does not roll onto itself, but is tracked out of the top of the door columns, and around a spiral design. This results in a very smooth and quiet operation, with very low wear.

pic-2The doors are driven by an electronic control system, with PLC, encoder positioning, and invertor drive control, providing many programmable features to enable an efficient customising of the application. Being high speed, they come with sophisticated electronic sensors as standard, to ensure safety of operators, and many forms of activation sensors are available to customise. These may include pushbuttons, remote control, swipe cards, induction floor loops or various forms of active or passive motion sensors.

Built on four decades of experience and development, Efaflex are committed to a philosophy of in-house research and efficient outcomes, resulting in fast action doors built to a quality that you would expect from German engineering .

As the exclusive Australian agent for Efaflex products, DMF International Pty Ltd are uniquely positioned to offer these high calibre products to local customers.

DMF are in their own right, a leading Australian company, also locally manufacturing and distributing climate control doors, flexible PVC doors and high speed automatic industrial doors. With the addition of Efaflex to their range, DMF can provide the ultimate solution to your application. The durability of their Efaflex doors means they can tolerate over 500 cycles of operation (opening and closing) per day, and strong wind ratings of up to 175km/h, depending on the model selected.

Boasting nearly 50 years of experience, DMF is a family owned business that can design, create or recommend solutions whatever the application. All DMF doors are custom made to size and design to ensure a unique solution is provided for a specific purpose, and our product range is bolstered by expert industry knowledge and dedication to high quality service and customer support.

For more information, contact DMF on ph1800 281170 or visit our website www.dmf.com.au