Bosch Security Systems delivers connected security solution for the Shanghai Tower


Securing the world’s second tallest building

Casting a 632-meter shadow across Shanghai’s urban landscape, Shanghai Tower is China’s tallest landmark and the second tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burk Khalifa. Located in the Lujiazui financial district, the structure was completed at the end of last year following a six year construction project. It consists of 127 mixed-use floors above ground and 5 underground and dubbed a “vertical city”, Shanghai Tower will be home to many green spaces, offices, entertainment, retail and cultural venues as well as a luxury hotel. The building also houses the world’s highest observation tower, providing breathtaking views over the city. Capable of accommodation up to 16,000 people per day, providing a safe and pleasurable experience for all was a significant task. With this in mind the building was equipped with a complete range of the latest Bosch network video surveillance, public address, professional sound and intrusion solutions.

pic-2Round the clock intelligent surveillance

A key feature of the tower’s security solution includes a network of 2,100 high resolution fixed Bosch DINION and FLEXIDOME cameras as well as moving AUTODOME cameras, dotted throughout the building, covering a full range of operational needs. Thanks to Bosch starlight technology, these cameras ensure 24/7 high-resolution video regardless of lighting condition or object movement.

The Bosch AUTODOME IP cameras also feature Intelligent Tracking allowing the tower’s security personnel to automatically track moving targets throughout the building based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click. Camera settings are continuously and dynamically adjusted depending on movement, the tower’s varying light intensity and front and backlight fluctuations thanks to Intelligent Auto Exposure and Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction. This feature is especially important to help support the tower’s ethos of sustainability. To reduce the amount of power required to light the tower, the tower’s transparent façade was built to allow a maximum amount of natural light into the structure, which is subject to much more variation than artificial illumination. The AUTODOME IP camera ensures a perfect exposure of objects regardless of light variation but also keeps bitrate and storage requirements to a minimum. Onboard Intelligent Video Analytics provide alerts when needed and help personnel to quickly retrieve the correct data when needed.

150 integrated Bosch VIDEOJECT 7000 decoders controlled by Bosch Video Management Software (BVMS) allow security staff to continuously monitor live and playback security video even in the event of an interruption or failure. Finally, the Bosch 2PB DSA-E series storage systems was chosen for long-term video recording to ensure retention and reliability.

Uninterrupted evacuation messages and reliable intrusion detection

For a safe and fast evacuation in the event of an emergency, the tower is equipped with a digital Bosch PRAESIDEO public address and voice evacuation system. With more than 100 amplifiers and 6,000 loudspeakers strategically distributed throughout the building security personnel can distribute highly intelligible and targeted evacuation instructions to different areas of the tower. The audio and control signals of six control rooms are connected through a local area network within the tower, forming a redundant loop. This loop means that even in the event of a breakdown of one of the tower’s control rooms, evacuation messages can continue to be broadcasted throughout the building ensuring the orderly evacuation of visitors and personnel.

The tower’s surveillance system is also supported by Bosch’s Blue Line Gen2 intrusion detectors and 12 sets of DS7400XI Bosch Intrusion Control Panels. These detectors interact with the surveillance systems in the tower, monitoring intrusions and conveying the signal to the BVMS (Bosch Video Management System) within the control room, meaning that security personnel are alerted in the event of an intrusion and the subject of interest can be visually monitored from the control room.

An enhanced audio experience

Shanghai Tower also features a multifunction conference center as well as a multifunction banquet hall in the podium building of the tower. For improved audio performance for the conference center’s events, products from Electro-voice, also a brand of the Bosch group, were also chosen. This includes 100 EVID Loudspeakers strategically placed throughout the center to provide an optimal audio experience for conference and event participants. In addition, EVF loudspeakers, Tour Grade (TG) and Contractor precision series (CPS) amplifiers, RE series microphones were also selected to provide a high-quality sound experience for the Shanghai Tower.

Please note all products excluding the DS7400XI Intrusion Control Panels are available for sale in Australia.

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