Storage Infrastructure Becoming Critical in Video Surveillance


Security professionals and law enforcement experts agree that keeping people and property safe is their top priority. It’s more than just a job to them. It’s their mission.

And while advancements in video surveillance capability in many ways have made their task a little easier, more cameras—streaming high-resolution images—are in use today than ever before, creating an ongoing data challenge for them. Video content is being captured and stored at an alarming rate, driving the need for more and more space to hold digital assets. And when coupled with continuously-changing business, legal and regulatory mandates and longer retention periods, it’s no wonder that data storage requirements have exploded. Recent research from IHS shows that the storage requirements have expanded at a growing rate, and are estimated to reach 3,900 petabytes this year, and double again by 2018*.

Effectively managing, retrieving and analyzing a massive volume of images demands a storage infrastructure capable of adapting to the growing need for capacity and performance without chewing away a large portion of the budget. Ideally, the storage infrastructure needs to be easily scalable, so that future requirements can be accommodated easily and without expensive rip-and-replace up-grades.

Traditional, IT-centric video surveillance storage solutions are based on primary storage-based architectures. Content is stored in a single tier on high-performance disk, regardless of priority, and requires complex data management software to manage it. To meet the growing need for additional capacity and more sophisticated analytics, these traditional solutions require adding more high-performance, primary storage to the infrastructure. And that can be expensive and complicated to manage, and difficult to scale.

pic-2A Better Approach

The Quantum video surveillance solution is different. It’s an intelligent, scalable storage platform that provides a simple to manage foundation which can grow under a single file system, designed specifically for video applications. The tiered storage infrastructure allows capacity to be added to meet demand and, utilizing policy-based tiering, digital assets can be moved to the most cost-effective medium—whether that’s primary storage, extended online storage, in the cloud, or on tape—keeping content available for search and retrieval at a more affordable price compared to traditional options.

Storing video content and making it available for analysis is a crucial part of protecting people and property in today’s world. Video surveillance solutions continue to evolve, requiring a robust storage infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective to meet the growing capacity demand. Providing capacity and performance is important, but so is managing cost.

The Quantum solution provides a flexible, tiered storage platform capable of delivering the total usable capacity required by today’s video applications for less of the overall budget, allowing security professionals more to invest in other tools necessary to successfully accomplish their mission.

Quantum has a number of reference architectures, covering new implementations and also expansion requirements where current direct attached primary storage has become overloaded.

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* iHS “Enterprise & IP Storage Used for Video Surveillance – 2015”, November 2015.

Wayne Ardvison, VP Security and Video Surveillance, Quantum Corporation.