Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer®


    The Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer® (OMV) is a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated video camera and infrared illuminators. It is designed to detect an intruder, instantaneously record a short video clip and transmit the video to the control panel. The panel then transmits the video alarm signal to the central station for immediate review and dispatch to police for priority response to a crime-in-progress.

    The OMV provides built-in infrared illumination up to 30 feet from device.

    Because it is designed for outdoor operation, the OMV is IP 65 Weatherproof rated, Temperature rated from -30° to +60°C and can operate for years on one set of AA batteries.

    TO ensure reliable communication between the camera and the panel, the OMV has an effective RF range 500ft or up to 1000ft for line-of-sight contexts (zero obstruction).

    New features on this latest generation OMV include:

    • Multiple Fresnel lens options to allow users to configure the device for different scenarios such as pet immune, perimeter detection and so on.
    • Enhanced night vision
    • Accelerometer tamper detection
    • Input and output terminals for integrating the OMV with 3rd party devices
    • A VGA day/night video camera
    • Doubled wireless transmission speed and,
    • Easy battery change

    Whether you are looking to protect a building site, outdoor stock area, or your own backyard, be sure to check out the new OMV from Videofied.

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