KC-2000 Falcon Eye

Unlike other low light cameras on the market today, the Falcon Eye KC-200 does not require IR illumination or an image intensifier unit. Instead, this unique camera is built using a new type of CMOS sensor which, when combined with advanced electronics and image controlling software, has resulted in a unique image capture system with a light sensitivity way beyond the capabilities of other night vision systems on the market today.

Where other night vision and and low light camera systems on the market produce green-tinged monochrome or black and white images, the KC-2000 enables users to see and record in color – even in the near total darkness – capturing scenes otherwise invisible to the human eye.

In addition to its amazing low light capabilities, KC-2000 is extremely easy to operate. Most settings are automatically adjusted by the camera making the camera easy-to-use. Furthermore, the camera can be used to capture both still images and video, working equally well during both day and night, making this one of the most powerful, versatile surveillance cameras on the market today.

Because the camera captures high resolution images in clear colors regardless of the level of ambient light, the KC-2000 is ideally suited to surveillance applications where reliable target recognition and identification is key.

In addition to it incredible video performance, the KC-2000 is built for operation in tough environments thanks to the camera’s robust housing which is CNC-machined from a single aluminum block. This results in a camera that is both weather proof and durable, while being compact and light weight providing excellent portability. Designed for handheld shooting, the KC-2000 records at HD 1280 x 720 to an internal SD cards at frame rates of up to 30 frames per second ensuring you have an accurate record of events even at night.

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