Seadan launches complete range of Advanced Thermal Cameras from Dahua

pic1Seadan is pleased to announce a complete range of Thermal Cameras for the Australian market from Dahua. Unlike many other camera manufacturers, Dahua offers a full series of Thermal cameras. The three categories include Hybrid style cameras (Thermal and Conventional MegaPixel, Speed Dome style and mid-size Bullet Thermal cameras).

An innovative new capability allows the thermal camera to thermally detect a distant object of interest (such as a vehicle) then communicate this information to the associated conventional camera, instructing it to zoom into that object, completely unattended. With up to 40 X zoom, clear visual identification is possible.

Actual temperature measurement is available with the “T” models, further extending the application into industries such as energy utilities and heavy manufacturing for maintenance analysis of switchyards and process lines where “hotspots” are indications of early failures. In addition, the camera can trigger an alarm if set temperatures are exceeded.

The Hybrid series offer panoramic display (of both Thermal and Conventional cameras), hot spot detection and alarm, plus intelligent tracking. A unique feature of the Professional and Lite series is the Tri–output video, permitting connection to SD, HD-CVI or IP video recorders. Lenses are available from 7mm to 100mm. All cameras include IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) offering features such as virtual trip wire, object discrimination and more.

Seadan Security & Electronics is a leading Australian wholesale supplier of security and CCTV system solutions. Seadan is a national distributor of Dahua products, with local engineering support and with Dahua products on display in all Seadan showrooms across Australia.

For more information about Advanced Thermal Cameras, please contact David Pettigrew, National Marketing Manager – CCTV Division of Seadan Security & Electronics. Call 1300 366 851 or email: