Codelocks introduces new SMART locker lock

    Combines keypad and smart card access with the ability to set access codes from a remote location and manage through NFC-enabled tablet.

    Codelocks announced details of a new SMART lock that provides flexible access for end users and makes it faster and easier for operators to manage and control access to large numbers of lockers, cabinets or enclosures.



    Based on its popular 1500 locker lock, the new KitLock 1550 SMART is a multi-purpose, multi-functional digital lock with the ability to support many different forms of access.
    As well as being used in its most basic form, i.e. programmed via the keypad and accessed using a four-digit code, the KL1550 SMART supports Private* and Public Use*, MIFARE-based smart cards and NetCode.

    Using an NFC-enabled tablet (available to purchase separately), operators can upload selective programs and features, and download audit trail data on demand in a matter of seconds.
    “Technology has enabled us to offer several access options in one product; via the keypad, smart card or iButton. It has also allowed us to cut down the time it takes to program and manage access permissions,” explains Grant Macdonald, Managing Director, Codelocks. “Customers need flexibility and this lock, with the addition of smart cards and NetCode, is able to offer just that. Using the web-based NetCode portal, customers can issue time-sensitive access codes for temporary or one-off purposes via SMS or email.

    “The functionality of the lock allows for many possible scenarios. For example, set Public Function* for short-term multiple occupancy applications and open the lock with either a code on the keypad or with a smart card. Issue NetCodes via SMS for one-time entry – this function is useful for service engineers when visiting remote cabinet enclosures. Issue up to 50 smart cards for access to storage used regularly by a small group of people, for example nurses accessing a medical cart in a hospital.”

    The product is available to order in silver grey and is priced at $188 +GST. The NFC-enabled SMART tablet is available to purchase separately at a cost of $500 +GST.



    For more detailed product information, visit or call +61 2 9882 1009.

    KitLock has three functions; Private, Public and NetCode. Private Function is the default function and is used where the same code or card will be repeatedly used. Public Function is used when access is required for short periods by many different users. NetCode allows temporary access to lockers or cabinets via the web-based NetCode portal. Smart cards can be used for all functions.

    About Codelocks (Australia)

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