AST announce new updates to KeyWatcher Management System and KeyPro Plus

    AST is proud to announce the recent launch of the updated KeyWatcher Touch. The recent upgrades make this unit more user-friendly and capable than ever before due to the large 7 inch touchscreen, improved integration capabilities and convenient features such as a mobile application.

    However standout additions are the “KeyAnywhere” feature, which will enable the user to return a key to any KeyWatcher in the organisation and the “KeyFind” feature that allows you to locate which KeyWatcher a specific key is housed in or determine who has it out at the time.

    For AST’s established customers, the KeyPro Plus application provides a single application platform, allowing KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch hardware to work together.

    The KeyPro Plus allows for customers to introduce an upgrade path if they require the KeyWatcher Touch’s hardware features and enhancements from the existing KeyWatcher Illuminated, such as Scheduled Report, User Group Profiles and Real Time Monitoring. As the KeyPro Plus is an open source platform, it allows for high level interfaces to numerous Security Management Systems.

    In order to find out more about the new exciting changes, contact AST directly – or 02 8020 5555.