Q Security Partners With FLIR Systems

FLIR N133EB_N133ED_N233EE2Industry powerhouse Q Security Systems has today announced its partnership with FLIR Systems, one of the most trusted respected names in thermal imaging technology.

This new partnership will see Q Security Systems become the exclusive Australian distributor for FLIR’s new IP Visual range. Included in the new range is a wide array of dome, PTZ and bullet cameras. However, perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new range from FLIR, aside from the highly cost effective price tag for a class leading product, is the launch of the new FLIR Cloud.

According to Q Security Systems CEO Rob Rosa, “FLIR Cloud™ is a cloud-enabled software platform designed to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs giving end users centralized control over multiple FLIR systems across multiple sites from any Windows or Mac computer.”

“This is an extremely exciting time to be launching a partnership with an industry leader like FLIR as we believe the new FLIR Cloud takes a proven, industry leading product and makes it even better by ensuring users can quickly, easily and painlessly connect to FLIR cameras via a quick and simple 3-step setup process that makes complicated networking and port forwarding a relic of the past.”

According to Rosa, “Users need only download the CMS, enter the unique Device ID printed on the system label (or a free FLIR DDNS address) and create a personalized password. FLIR Cloud™ servers instantly connect your system over the Internet via the Device ID, enabling a secure handshake between the FLIR system and the viewing device.”

“The new range of FLIR cameras combined with the FLIR Cloud is truly amazing,” states Rosa. “This is the first time I have seen a solution where users can quickly and easily set up a world-class surveillance center with up to 64 cameras on each screen and multi-monitor support easily.”

Once up and running, users need only click and drag the mouse to zoom in on live or recorded video and aim PTZ cameras. Furthermore, they can enhance their monitoring capabilities with E-maps, custom views, alerts, multiple user accounts and other advanced features.

“Without doubt, the most outstanding feature of this new system, and one of the main reasons we are so excited to launch the partnership at this point in time, is the ease with which the FLIR Cloud and FLIR cameras work”

Backed by a three year warranty and the promise of quality and reliability that is the FLIR brand, the new cost effective camera range from FLIR is set to see thermal imaging become an important part of every CCTV installation.

For more information on the FLIR range or the FLIR CMS Cloud visit Q Security at  qsecuritysystems.com.au