Honoring Our Heros

    Australian Security Medals Foundation (ASMF) Gala dinnerThe Australian Security Medals Foundation (ASMF) has once again celebrated the achievements of outstanding personnel in the security industry at its annual Gala dinner and awards night held this year at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on Friday July 19th.

    Each year, the ASMF, through nominations submitted by both members of the security industry and the broader community, identified and awards two categories of medals:

    • The Australian Security Medal of Valour (ASMV), recognising acts of bravery and initiative; and
    • The Australian Security Medal (ASM), recognising contribution to security professionalism and providing examples of outstanding citizenship, positive leadership, insights or influence at a strategic management level.

    This year, the Australian Security Medals Foundation awarded five Australian Security Medals for Valour. Recipients included:

    • Matthew Newman – for his bravery and quick thinking in protecting innocent bystanders from a knife wielding offender at a local Sydney shopping complex
    • Jye Nevins – for his quick actions in helping police detain an armed offender, despite receiving knife related injuries in the process
    • Emir Balicevac  and Gary Jannese – for their calm and professional actions, demonstrating not only bravery but also extraordinary compassion in saving a young a man’s life who was both intoxicated and highly agitated and intent on self harm.
    • Charlie Erdogdu – who without hesitation acted to stop a man in a busy Sydney mall who, while in a highly agitated and disturbed state, had dowsed himself and the area around in in kerosene with the intent of setting himself and other alight.

    The foundation also awarded five Australian Security Medals to distinguished individuals including:

    • NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas – for his years of support to the security industry, working behind the scenes to foster greater relationships between private security and police.
    • George Zeitoune – for outstanding efforts working with the community in his role as a security professional to assist young men and women through community programs he has pioneered.
    • Neville Kiely – for his consistent committed over the years to getting the security industry and its customers to adopt a standard-based approach to alarm installation and use. As part of his commitment, he has funded educational material for consumers and provided staff to share knowledge with consumers, as well as other security companies in addition to his volunteer work with a number of different industry group.
    • Tom Roche of SNP – for his tireless charity work as well and the role he has played in helping to drive industry standards and develop and mentor new industry leaders through programs such as iLead.
    • Kathy Pavlich – for her decades of work in educating, mentoring and guiding people in the security industry.

    For more information about the Australian Security Medals Foundation and current and past recipients, please visit inspiringsecurity.com