Vintech Systems launches Bluetooth Low Energy into the Australian Hospitality market.

    vintechEver since RFID technology found its way into off-line battery operated locks, the market has driven the guest experience to the next level, trying to enable a faster check in process at the hotel / accommodation site.

    Vintech Systems is now able to introduce true BLE functionality across its full range of locks and other devices. With the development of a seamless secure KABA “Legic Connect” tunnel, the encrypted locking package of data can be sent to any mobile device. Having first registered the device with the properties PMS (property management software), a simple to use but very secure app can be downloaded allowing the use of the BLE functionality of the device to communicate with the lock.

    Using a very low energy wake up field, battery life of the locking device isn’t effected and the guest benefits from avoiding check-in queues. Additional BLE wall panels around the property and in the guest’s room allows even further integration and functionality. Not only tracking the guest’s phone, but allowing the operation to send messages to their guests according to their location and activities, as well as the ability to control lights and other services such as air conditioning according to real room occupancy.

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