The OSPAs are coming to Australia

    The Outstanding Security Performance Awards, the OSPAs, have been launched in Australia.

    The OSPAs is a worldwide scheme for recognising outstanding performers in the security sector. They have been launched in Norway and Germany too and other countries are about to follow. Australia is at the forefront.

    The OSPAs are already supported by ASIAL, ASIS Australia and the Security Professionals Registry (although the OSPAs is independent of all groups) in an initiative that is designed to unite the security sector in celebrating the success of its outstanding performers.

    The idea is based on a research study which highlighted the difficulty of recognising outstanding performers in the security sector. Other industries have awards that are universally applauded, the BAFTAs in acting, the Tonys in theatre, and now the OSPAs are designed to fill that gap in security.

    They are set to bring new life to security excellence. In due course the winners of OSPAs for each category in each country will enter a worldwide OSPAs. In this first year of the OSPAs there are 9 categories open to enter in Australia. They are:

    • Outstanding In-House Security Team
    • Outstanding In-House Security Manager
    • Outstanding Guarding Company
    • Outstanding Security Consultant
    • Outstanding Customer Service Initiative
    • Outstanding Security Training Initiative
    • Outstanding Security Installer
    • Outstanding Security Partnership
    • Outstanding Investigator

    Anyone can enter the OSPAs. The entry form for the 2015 Australian OSPAs is being administered by ASIAL who are working in partnership with the OSPAs. You enter the awards via the website. Entering is straightforward and you are required to answer two questions with a word limit of 500 for each, so it is not onerous.

    Professor Martin Gill who founded the awards said:

    ‘The OSPAs are completely independent of any association or group. Indeed, the guiding principles of the OSPAs are that they are independent, credible, respectable and transparent. In different countries the security sector is coming together to celebrate success in what is a worldwide initiative. If you know an outstanding security performer or you are one please do consider the awards.’

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