QSS and FLIR In Partnership With New IP Camera Range

    pic1FLIR has recently released the news of its exciting new Day/Night CCTV range which will now aim at the entry level segment of the Australian market where currently only Asian branded products exist.

    These products are currently being finalized to fit within the Australian market with the complete range to be launched at Security 2015 this year in Melbourne in July.

    FLIR have partnered in this arrangement with QSS and named them the national distributor for the highly anticipated range.

     Rob Rosa, CEO & MD of QSS is excited about this new IP brand of cameras and NVR which are also Cloud enabled and available through the national footprint of QSS branches. All QSS technical staff have been trained on FLIR IP and have already had experience in the FLIR Thermal product range. The introduction of FLIR’s new security product range now finalizes the review of QSS’ product strategy and Rob and his staff are excited at what FLIR brings to the table on the IP front with its IP Visual product range.

    While the Alumia product did fit some of the lower cost market requirements, QSS did have some gaps against the lower cost brands, however FLIR has now met that demand with economical products, but with the advantage of greater features, and all backed by a 1.5 Billion US company and distributed and supported in Australia by Q Security Systems.

    “We have so many exciting opportunities with FLIR” states Rosa. “And believe the product suite now on offer from QSS is a solid and stable one for 2015 and beyond”. Q Security Systems will ensure there will be ample stock available in each state by the launch date.

    FLIR Systems Australia is also excited at the opportunities this new business strategy with QSS brings. For a while people have been talking about lower cost Chinese products. FLIR has bought to the table a full range to meet market demands and will ensure that QSS has available stock on the shelf to meet expected demand. The FLIR IP range has been available overseas for a while and doing very well, and so FLIR Systems Australia has been in some high level discussions with potential partners for the local distribution but was looking for one that had minimal product conflict in its stable. It coincided that QSS was in the midst of a product review and transitional stage, so it made sense, especially given its true national footprint. With technical sales and service staff in each state, FLIR is confident QSS has the necessary resources to reach potential clients.pic2