ASMF launches International Study Fellowship

imagesSecurity students will now have an opportunity to study and gain experience overseas, thanks to the highly prestigious  Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF)  International Security Study Fellowship.

“The amount awarded — $5,000 — in the first year — reflects the prestige of the award and provides a remarkable opportunity for a student to travel overseas to conduct research into a topic they are passionate about and gain experience in new environments,” says the ASMF Chairman, Steve Jackson.

“The award will be called the ‘The Australian Security Medals Foundation Phillip Ruddock International Security Study Fellowship’ and the recipient will be referred to as the ASMF Phillip Ruddock Fellow, or Ruddock Fellow for short.

“It will be for anyone who feels that they have something to gain from studying overseas. Every application is assessed based on merit, a demonstrated need for the proposed study, the perceived benefit to the student and a willingness to share their overseas findings and knowledge with the Australian security community.”

The ASMF Board named the fellowship after its Patron, The Hon. Phillip Ruddock MP, for a number of reasons, said Jackson.

“Mr Ruddock’s place in the history of security, notably as the Federal Attorney-General in the aftermath of September 11, is assured — the respect in which he is held on both sides of the House is beyond dispute — and the Board believes that naming the Fellowship after him is an appropriate recognition on behalf of the security profession of his contribution to security of Australia,” Jackson said.

“Not only will the student benefit, so, too, will the security community. As part of the award, the recipient at the completion of their travels, will be expected to submit a 1500-2000 word report on any aspect of their research that would benefit the security community, which will then be circulated through the ASMF network and to the media.”

For the first two years the ASMF will work exclusively with Edith Cowan University (ECU) to establish the Fellowship, after which it would review the arrangements and consider broadening the scope, such as opening applications to other higher education programs in Australia.

ECU was selected to pilot the award, since its Centre for Aviation and Security Studies, which it operates in co-operation with Emirates Group Security, already provides travel scholarships for final year undergraduates to enable them to participate in a work placement in Dubai, focusing on security and supervised by ECU and Emirates staff.

An ECU committee reviews applications and awards a number of scholarships (in 2014, there were four available). Emirates primarily provides airfare/transport and ECU provides $1000.

The ASMF Fellowship Committee Chair, Ms Clare Carnell, will sit on the ECU committee and will be involved in the decision making for all scholarships. She will then make specific recommendation to the ASMF Board for one student to receive the ASMF’s Phillip Ruddock International Security Study Fellowship.

Every application for a Philip Ruddock Fellowship will be assessed on the merit of the applicant’s proposal and the ASMF committee considers a number of factors:

  • The benefits of the proposal to advance the applicant’s education;
  • The itinerary and places selected and the necessity to travel overseas
  • What the applicant will achieve and the applicant’s ability and commitment to make a difference after the trip, though, say, ongoing study, or leadership within the security field.

An applicant is required to obtain two different references from different individuals — preferably Australian Citizens — on Referee Forms provided. Applications submitted without the two supporting references will not be accepted.

The selection of Philip Ruddock Fellows and the procedures undertaken are at the absolute discretion of the ASMF Board.

At the conclusion of the Board Meeting where applications are approved, applicants will be notified of the outcome by the ASMF Secretariat and successful Fellows will have their details made available to the media and sponsors as the Board deems necessary. Successful Fellows should, therefore, be aware that media contact may occur.

For further information: Visit or contact The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc., Communications Director, John Bigelow, Tel: 1300 300 552 or 0437 633 307