SamsungBased on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, Samsung has solidified its leadership position in the field of security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems, including some of the world’s best-performing security cameras, digital video recorders, and network control systems

For years, Samsung has built on the success of its products by partnering with some of the most trusted names in the Australian security market to ensure that Australian businesses can enjoy cutting-edge, high quality security solutions. Due to the growth and popularity of their solutions in recent years, as well as technological changes in the industry, Samsung has decided to take a more active role in what it sees as an increasingly important market, opting to open its own local office in Australia with a view to working directly with its partners to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.

According to Fraser Larcombe, the newly appointed National Sales Director for Samsung Security Australasia, “The move by Samsung to create an Australian presence was motivated by a strong desire to better understand our customer’s needs so that we can create better solutions.”

“Samsung has been extremely fortunate over the years,” explains Fraser, “in that we have been supported by exceptional distributors such as EOS who have proven to be invaluable partners. We have always valued and supported our partners and our distributor/installer base to the best of our ability and we intend to continue to honor that commitment moving forward. The only real change that will arise from the move to open an Australian office is that we can now offer our partners the kind of support they have always deserved while ensuring that we create the best possible solutions for end-users.”

“I have always maintained that in order to create the best possible solutions, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the customer’s problem. The only way this can be achieved, in my opinion,” states Fraser, “is to meet with the customer with a view to solving that problem. It is not uncommon for a customer to think they have a particular type of problem, only to discover when you are talking to them and working through the issues, that in fact, the real issue is something else entirely which they hadn’t even considered.”

According to Fraser, IP has had a profound impact on the security industry, not just from the point of view of security technology, but more importantly, with regard to the diversity of solutions that one can now offer customers.

“In recent years, everyone from small operators through to larger systems integrators has done a great job of providing solutions based on traditional security needs. However, as the technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for what can be achieved with that technology expand exponentially. It is unrealistic to expect integrators and installers to be intimately familiar with all the capabilities of a product or system when they work across a wide variety of solutions.” This is where Fraser believes that it is a manufacturer’s responsibility to work with the customer and integrator/installer to help fully understand the true capabilities of a product or solution so that the customer can achieve the best outcome and the greatest return on investment.

According to Fraser, “Too many manufacturers attempt to do everything themselves. This rarely, if ever, works. One needs trusted partners who can help deliver an end-to-end solution that works, is dependable and reliable and achieves the customer’s goals in a cost effective manner. That is why we continue to work with companies such as Milestone and Allied Telesis or BCDS and Visualize, because these are all partners whose overriding priority is to ensure that the customer’s solutions works as required at the end of the day.”

“As one who comes from a technical service background, I know what it is like to be the person on the end of the phone trying to solve a problem only to be told that it is a hardware problem by the software provider and a software problem from the hardware provider, only to have to sort it out myself. Through creating partnerships between all the parties involved in a project, we can quickly and effectively ensure that the customer has a working solution doing what they need, when they need it.”

Aside from creating cutting edge products designed to deliver class-leading performance, Samsung’s primary goal is always to ensure that we work with the best people to deliver the best outcome for a customer, not just for today, but for as long as that solution is required.

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