Salto XS4 Mini Electronic LockSALTO Systems latest product breakthrough, the XS4 Mini, is part of a broad initiative of new products that follows the SALTO concept of developing innovative access control products with state-of-the art technology and attractive design.

XS4 Mini includes all the original SALTO features like SALTO Virtual Network SVN and wireless capability but in a mini size, with mini installation needs and an updated technology basis. Embedded in the heart of the product is the latest microprocessor technology, ready for the connected world, open and future proof for online connection, wireless technology and NFC.

The Salto XS4 Mini’s compact size combined with a modern LED aesthetic also marks a new design language from SALTO. The market will increasingly see this in the coming months as the XS4 family continues to grow, with a long-plate version, new XS4 readers, cylinders and a control unit following.

More advanced than any other electronic lock on the market, XS4 Mini has been designed to cover users security needs today and future needs tomorrow. In addition to supporting the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless Network, the XS4 Mini will be compatible with multiple types of RFID technology, including NFC.

To support the launch of their newest locking product, Salto have also launched a dedicated website available in English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish languages, with German, Italian, Spanish and French versions following soon.

Featuring video of the product, an overview of its design, technology and security features, a gallery of images, and technical specifications, the new site allows customers to access detailed product information on this ground breaking new product.

The website has been designed using the latest technology and including augmented reality which powers a handy 360° viewer allowing visitors to see a virtual preview of how the XS4 Mini product will look on a door from any angle. Just download the XS4 Mini App to your phone or tablet and preview how the different models will look in any installation.

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