ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ Choosing A Sophisticated Key System: Where security is an issue, compromise is simply not an option

ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQIn a world increasingly challenged by mounting security threats, the need for comprehensive locking systems has become an essential requirement in virtually every conceivable market sector. From government and law enforcement agencies to public institutions, industrial enterprises, defence and critical national and international infrastructure, there is a growing demand for superior locking solutions that address a wide gamut of complex and sensitive issues.

When it comes to locking systems, flexibility is paramount; for most organisations with complex infrastructures, security is as much of an issue of who to let in as it is of whom to keep out. To that end, security-minded enterprises require a comprehensive and highly sophisticated solution that enables permission-based access to different locks at designated times throughout their facilities.

According to this model, personnel with varying degrees of security clearance are issued keys that permit them to gain entry into specific areas of a building, campus or office space during clearly defined windows of time. Organisations and institutions that rely upon the preservation of mission-critical data or the protection of other assets and property on their premises can thus be assured that access is both granted and denied according to predefined parameters on a 24/7 basis. This concept can be as complex as providing several foremen working in an industrial facility with keys to the supply warehouse that work only during the hours of their shift – or as straightforward as making sure that personnel can only gain access when management are present on site.

The Challenge: Locking on to the ultimate high security system

Creating an intricate locking system with permission-based access is a formidable task. The system needs to be as simple to maintain, as it is difficult to breach. There needs to be a framework in place for granting and denying access, replacing lost keys, preventing their duplication and enabling the updating of the entire key system according to plan.

Standard cylinders – no matter how robust – are obviously inapplicable for such complex environments, since by nature, they cannot be programmed to allow or deny entry based on time-specific considerations. Moreover, once a key is lost, the cylinder must be changed or re-keyed.

On the other end of the spectrum, electronic locking systems may meet the requirements of the time/permission challenge, but their difficult wiring and installation can be a nightmare for locksmiths. In addition, they are typically extremely expensive and therefore not always a cost effective option. Finally, should the electronic mechanism be compromised, there is no mechanical mechanism in place to back it up.

Opening The Door On New Concepts In Locking

ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ intelligent cylinder system presents a hybrid electromechanical locking solution, which offers the ultimate synergy between the tried-and-true reliability of superior mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility inherent in electronic locks.

PROTEC2: Mechanical locking reliability

It begins with the field proven mechanical ABLOY PROTEC2 key system that provides extreme levels of security. The unique construction of the ABLOY PROTEC2 rotating disc cylinder makes it virtually pickproof. Keys and disc use a principle where cuts are made in two different radii. In addition, a unique disc blocking system with two return bars insures against manipulation. The special construction of the mechanical ABLOY PROTEC2 key makes it virtually impossible to duplicate. The ABLOY PROTEC2 cylinder not only meets but exceeds international standards for high security, including an un-conditional SCEC endorsement for secure area government applications.

CLIQ: Electronic Innovation

In addition to this state-of-the-art mechanical locking system, ABLOY has integrated ASSA ABLOY’s innovative and proprietary CLIQ technology, based on highly miniaturized data encryption electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and core of a cylinder, which make for an electromechanical system that is intelligent, flexible and highly customizable.

  • The ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ key contains a unique electronic ID, designated for one individual only, that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted. A replaceable battery is also inserted into the key and serves as the sole power source for the entire key and cylinder system.
  • The electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder, is a self-contained unit. This translates into no wiring whatsoever. Consequently, the highly intelligent cylinder installs with ease like any normal cylinder, making it a pleasure for locksmiths and customers who want to benefit from sophisticated locking systems – without reconstructing doors and wiring entire buildings.

How It Works:

Simple operation, sophisticated results.

  1. The key is inserted into the cylinder. The electronic contact on the key meets the contact in the cylinder.
  1. The cylinder electronics is powered up by the battery in the key.
  1. The electronic access rights are determined by the key and cylinder.
  1. An audit trail of the event is stored in the key as well as in the cylinder. The audit trail will store the key ID, cylinder ID, time and access result.
  1. If the key is authorized the key can be turned. If the key is not authorized the electromechanical blocking element in the cylinder will simply remain locked.

The ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ locking system is supported by several user-friendly components that turn the complex functions of running a secure locking system into simple maintenance tasks.

  • Intuitive web based software enable organisations to manage their dynamic security from anywhere in the world. You can grant or cancel user access, eliminate keys from the system, and designate times of access for every key holder of your enterprise quickly and efficiently
  • Programming Device (PD) connected to a PC serves as a link between the software and the keys and cylinders.
  • User keys can also be updated via network connected devices placed on a wall. The Wall PDs link back to the software and provideadditional flexibility to manage the system. The user keys can also be updated via a Mobile PD that uses your mobile phone’s Internet connection to connect to the software. The audit trails of the keys can automatically be extracted from the key and uploaded to the software when a key is updated in a Wall or Mobile PD. By using the revalidation feature organisations can ensure that their key holders revalidates their keys on a regular basis. If they don’t then they will lose their access rights.
  • A C-Key facilitates the communication between the software and the cylinders. C-keys can for instance be used when you need to extract an audit trail from a cylinder or instantly block a lost key.

C-Keys are also used as a credential to the software and are PIN code protected.

Unprecedented Benefits

The best of both worlds – the dual technologies employed in ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ represents a truly successful marriage of electrical and mechanical locking systems, offering a double layer of impenetrable security.

Data Tracking – Audit Trail Control is an absolute necessity if you hope to keep tabs on the efficacy of your key system.

Individual Keys – Encrypted with tamper-proof IDs, each key is designated for use by the administrator. If the key is lost, it is simply rendered obsolete for use by the network controller. This enables total control of every key distributed to personnel. A new key, with a new code, can then be generated and will be recognized by the cylinders for which it is granted access.

Time-based permission – ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ enables you to designate specific time windows wherein access to a given cylinder by a given user is permitted – an essential component of ensuring the ultimate in high security.

Convenient and cost-effective – the dual-locking systems are wire free, simple to install, and easy to plan and use on a daily basis. You get all of the comparable benefits of an electronic control system at a fraction of the cost – and the added value of a robust mechanical mechanism.

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