Video Review: Cognitec FaceVacs

CognitecPremier Face Recognition Technology Supports Advanced Video Screening And Analytics Applications

Face recognition technology is rapidly gaining wide acceptance as one of the most effective methods available for preventing ID fraud while providing support to criminal investigations by way of evidence. While originally developed as a form of biometric security for access control, the ways in which face recognition is being used has expanded in recent years to include real-time video screening for security measures as well as the analysis of faces in images/videos for commercial applications. Leading the way, the latest version of Cognitec Systems’ video screening and analysis product FaceVACS-VideoScan performs real-time identity checks against image databases while computing the count, flow, demographics and behavior of people visible in video streams.

Surpassing the abilities of traditional video surveillance systems, FaceVACS-VideoScan is able to detect people’s faces in live video streams or video footage while also storing lossless video of each appearance of a person in front of a camera. The technology then compares each individual face against the other faces in the video on a continual basis using anonymous facial analysis to count individuals, generate demographical information, track the movements of individuals in time and space, detect frequent visitors and crowds, and much more.

The power of the FaceVACS-VideoScan system is truly remarkable. For example, FaceVACS-VideoScan can achieve a highly accurate person count since any person seen by the system during a defined period will be re-recognized and therefore not counted again. Operators can also receive an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area and measure waiting times, a useful feature when directing traffic. The analysis of traffic patterns and demographical statistics can provide businesses with precise visitor data to help make better informed decisions with regard to interior design, advertising placement, staffing and other operational considerations.

FaceVACS-VideoScan also applies Cognitec’s premier face recognition technology to compare faces to image databases and instantly identify known individuals. Businesses and organizations can detect and prevent unwanted behavior much more quickly and efficiently due to the fact that operators can track individuals either online, or by receiving alerts on mobile devices, enabling them to take action when they are within the immediate vicinity of a suspect.

Similarly, FaceVACS-VideoScan can identify authorized individuals or high-ranking customers in real time. This system of positive authentication can help to facilitate access to restricted areas or alert personnel to provide special treatment to VIPs.

The introduction of this advanced video screening and analysis technology continues to build upon the long list of revolutionary products the company has brought to market. Cognitec’s database search technology has successfully assisted law enforcement agencies worldwide to quickly find offenders and solve crimes in addition to helping prevent fraud during ID document issuance. Around the globe, other companies have developed and continue to create new solutions using Congitec’s technology— a fact that only serves as testament to the company’s continuing dedication to deliver the best face recognition performance available on the market.

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