LenovoEMC PX 4-400d NVR with Milestone ArcusLenovo is not a name that people in the security industry might traditionally associate with CCTV. However, it is no secret that Lenovo is one of the world’s leading suppliers of computer technology. Therefore, it stands to reason that when a company like Lenovo turns its attention to an area like CCTV, you could expect the end result to be impressive given their technology pedigree. Having recently seen the LenovoEMC network video recording solutions at Security 2014, they are everything one might expect and more.

The LenovoEMC network video recorders (NVRs) are ideal for integrators and installers looking for solutions that can be used in smaller installations (up to 16 cameras). The first IP-based video surveillance solution of its kind, the LenovoEMC NVR combines Lenovo’s world-class network storage with Milestone’s market leading video surveillance software to deliver superior reliability, image quality, ease of installation and affordability providing the best of breed video management solutions.

The new LenovoEMC NVRs are fully integrated into Milestone’s XProtect® Corporate Video Management Solution, providing centralised, scalable management of your video surveillance deployments, no matter where they are in the world.

The NVR is bundled with camera licenses and software update plans so that it is ready to be deployed right out of the box. Furthermore, the LenovoEMCTM LifeLine™ network storage software enables a small office to take advantage of the LenovoEMC for both video storage and full-featured NAS functionality while the automated setup and configuration makes it an ideal solution for security integrators and end users as the system can be set up quickly and easily.

The system boasts a number of impressive features including built in support for many popular camera brands and the ability to remotely view live images and playback recorded footage through the included mobile application.

With cameras capturing increasingly large images, it is important to ensure that any storage and recording solution has the ability to expand with future needs. It is for this reason that the LenovoEMC has been built around the Intel® AtomTM processor D2701 dual core to support demanding workloads like virtualization, deduplication, database management and video surveillance.

The px4-400d/8TB version of the LenovoEMC network video recorder is available with up to 20 camera licenses included (depending on the configuration) and can support up to 75 users.

For those people interested in testing one of the new Lenovo PX NAS devices, Lenovo are currently running a 30 day complimentary trial on a number of machines including:

  • The LenovoEMC™ PX2-300D, engineered specifically for businesses, this high-performance device optimises content sharing and data protection.
  • The LenovoEMC™ PX4-400D, a high performance desktop NAS that combines advanced data protection plus local and remote content sharing with simplicity and power of the LenovoEMC™ LifeLine operating system.
  • The LenovoEMC™ PX6-300D, which stores, protects and shares all of your important files, locally and remotely, with cloud convenience – perfect for small offices, workgroups or advanced home networks.
  • The LenovoEMC™ PX4-400R, an affordable, full featured NAS that combines advanced data protection plus local and remote content sharing with the simplicity and power of the LenovoEMC™ LifeLine operating system.
  • The LenovoEMC™ PX12-400R, Ideal for production data stores, server virtualisation including – backup to disk target and video surveillance with built in McAfee VirusScan Enterprise. Powered by enterprise class LenovoEMC™ storage technology.
  • And the LenovoEMC™ PX12-450R, which provides the superior performance and reliability needed for your mission critical data. Powered by enterprise-class LenovoEMC storage technology, it is ideal for production data stores, server virtualisation, backup to disk-target and video surveillance.

Users can sign up to the 30 day trial at www.lenovostorage.com.au

If you are looking for state of the art video management software combined with a full-featured network area storage system, be sure to take a look at the new LenovoEMC network video recorders.