Enterprise level access control at your fingertips.

GX-Status-PageISCS has always been at the forefront in providing the Australian Access Control and Security market with leading edge commercial grade access control and security systems. ProtegeGX is yet another example of ISCS’s commitment to providing an enterprise level access and security system with an extremely competitive pricing model.

As an example of the competitiveness of ProtegeGX, ICT have just announced a new Starter License for their ProtegeGX system, putting enterprise level access control within easy reach.

Designed to make implementation more cost effective, the starter license is ideal for smaller organizations wanting to adopt an enterprise level solution, while providing the flexibility to expand as their business grows.

The license contains 10 doors instead of the usual 50, and no cameras, although these can be added as required. All other functionality and features of the standard base license – such as powerful reporting capability, fully customizable status pages, graphical floor plans, and no limits on the number of users, events, schedules, and areas – are included. Furthermore, the license is fully extendable allowing for unlimited growth. Optional functionality such as IP connected doors and Time & Attendance reports are licensed separately, meaning you do not have to pay for a feature set you don’t use.

No Strings Attached

When coupled with ICT’s ‘no strings attached’ approach of no hidden license costs and no software maintenance fees, this competitive solution becomes even more attractive.

While many enterprise licensing models allow for unlimited growth, that growth can quickly lead to runaway license costs, making it difficult to forecast what a system will cost over the longer term.

A ceiling (or license cap) in ProtegeGX prevents runaway license costs and ensures that right from the start, you know exactly how much the software is going to cost, no matter how much the system expands. This enables small solutions to be more cost effective, and allows enterprise class solutions to grow with the enterprise.

Zero Software Maintenance Fees

Software maintenance agreements (SMA) are a lucrative business for many vendors and while it’s an expense that you will incur for the lifetime of the software, it’s a cost that is easily overlooked when investing in a new software platform.

When you factor in the cost of an SMA, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can climb to 350% of the original purchase price in just 10 years. This means that a software package that cost $10,000 upfront could incur a TCO of $35,000 over 10 years. That’s $25,000 of additional software charges that may not have even been considered in the original budget.

ProtegeGX has no software maintenance fees which means no ongoing costs or unwelcome invoices each year.

Even businesses that are not actively looking for a new system will be pleasantly surprised at how much they could save by switching to ProtegeGX. Upgrading to the latest technology while saying goodbye to software maintenance fees becomes a very attractive option.

Local Support

ProtegeGX is available from ISCS, ICT’s exclusive Australian distributor with branches in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. With over 15 years industry experience, ISCS have a highly skilled sales and support team, and a trusted distribution network capable of providing a system from one door to thousands.


To find out more, visit www.iscs.com.au today.