Alarm Australia: Remote Security Made Easy

Aust-Head_smallThe new line of long-range wireless alert systems from Alarm Australia are the ideal solution anyone looking for an affordable D.I.Y solution for rural properties or anywhere else involving large distances such as factories.

Alarm Australia’s detectors are specifically designed to provide audible notification over extreme distances when a vehicle passes through a specific point on a property, such as a gate. The range encompasses three types of detector; a probe alarm, motion detection alarm and a hose alarm. Additionally, there is a point-to-point break beam also available for situations requiring detection across a wider entrance.

The simple to install motion detection sensor can detect movement up to 50 feet from the sensor. Simply place the senor in the desired location and you are up and running – it is literally that easy. The probe alarm works by simply burying the sensor parallel to the driveway. When active, it can detect vehicles passing within approximately 10-12 feet of the probe. Signals are then sent back to the transmitter box via a buried cable. Similarly, the hose alarm can simply be laid across a specific location so that when a vehicle drives over the hose, a signal will be sent to the transmitter.

The transmitter unit is weatherproof, making it ideal for use in exterior locations. Each transmitter can be programmed to monitor up to 1 of 4 different zones and can be integrated with a range of external devices including PIR detectors, reed switches and external outputs.

The transmitter features adjustable sensitivity with a range of up to 1000 meters (line of sight) with up to 4 transmitters send different tones to a single receiver allowing for monitoring of four separate zones.

Priced from just $329.00, these long-range wireless drive way alert systems will ensure you are never caught off guard again.

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