Video Interview: Introducing Protege WX

panther-ict-protege-wxICT is a world leading manufacturer of integrated electronic access control solutions. Protege WX is ICT’s latest innovation, demonstrating yet again that the company knows how to make a product for the people.  With no software to install and an intuitive web interface, it makes a technicians job much easier – simply connect and program. Configuration wizards make programming much less time consuming. No ongoing software maintenance fees make it cost effective for the end user.

The system itself combines access control, alarm intrusion, and automation and control all into one unified package. Customizable event reports enable you to filter the information you need to see.

With an open automation and control protocol available, third party development of custom integrations is a breeze. Direct integration with a number of third party locking and automation systems greatly increases what you can secure and control.

Capable of handling 10,000 users, 32 Areas, 512 inputs, 512 Outputs, 16 Floors and 4 Elevator Cars, Protege WX is an ideal solution for many of today’s installations. The latest release includes CCTV integration, enabling you to view any web hosted MJPG or JPG stream.

For more information or to arrange a full product demonstration, call Australia 1800 428 111, New Zealand 0800 428 111, or visit