Media Release: New software ‘COM-SUR’ Standardizes Incident Reports and Enhances Surveillance for all stakeholders worldwide

infosalons_5358dd70657763Hayagriva Software introduces ‘COM-SUR’, a tool created to Standardize Intelligent Incident Reports and Enhance Surveillance, which will be showcased at the upcoming Security Exhibition and Conference at stand A28.

Com-Sur Standardizes Incident Reports worldwide.  Standardization ensures that:

All stakeholders ‘speak the same language‘
Think of various stakeholders sharing one ‘industry standard’ incident report, as opposed to different kinds of reports.

Meta-Data that is gathered delivers ‘intelligence’ through ‘patterns’.
“What kind of incidents are taking place at what locations, at what time, on which particular days” and so on. This makes it possible to take preventive action, and improve processes

Crime is solved faster.
Since Com-Sur’s Standardized Incident Reports are created in formats like PowerPoint, Word, and PDF, sharing them between agencies that may be located in different cities, or even countries, becomes very easy and swift. Using Com-Sur, users can convert video (in real-time or recorded) into screenshots, describe them, and create an entire storyboard.
Com-Sur also makes it possible to embed the relevant video clip within the report in order to deliver a ‘complete package’. This means that Law Enforcement and other relevant agencies receive every bit of relevant information, giving them time to speedily concentrate on, and solve the case.

Further, Com-Sur lets users create incident reports using images captured by cameras or mobile phones as well. Thus, users can report incidents even from those regions which are not covered under surveillance cameras.

Com-Sur converts video (in real-time or from recorded footage) into rapidly viewable screenshots enabling users to review hours of footage in minutes. Things that ‘seem in order’ are ‘discovered’ because of this feature; example, a recce.

Com-Sur’s ability to share large amounts of images and their related information as a ‘Contact Sheet’ (thumbnails with their relevant description) is another benefit

An example of this would be sharing details of hundreds of suspects at various borders and entry points, all delivered in a few pages of a Word/PDF document.

Finally, Com-Sur acts as a great training material creator. Since Com-Sur captures screenshots from any video, users could look up videos on sites like YouTube, capture screenshots, add subject matter expert comments, embed the link within the slide, and create customized training material.

Gautam Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software states “in order that the entire world benefits from Com-Sur, we’re introducing a free Com-Sur version. This means that even home users and smaller businesses can create standardized incident reports, and share them quickly with relevant agencies. This also means that the meta-data from incidents across an entire country becomes available to draw patterns from, which will be invaluable to prevent and thwart future incidents.”