Video: Thorn Equipment Finance

Thorn Equipment Finance is a key facilitator for the security sector. It provides end customers with leasing and rental options when shopping for commercial security equipment. For the suppliers, finance means closing bigger deals and protecting profit margins.

The range of products financed by Thorn Equipment Finance (TEF) is extensive and goes way beyond security. Businesses simply tell TEF what they’re after and receive a tailored agreement breaking the purchase into monthly payments. The first step is choosing the best solution between rentals, finance leases, commercial hire purchases and chattel mortgages – each has its benefits.

As part of Thorn Group, the ASX-listed company that also owns Radio Rentals, TEF applies to the commercial sector more than 75 years of experience in rental. By managing its own funds and streamlining an internal approval process, TEF can quickly assist businesses of all sizes, including those shunned by the banks. No financials are required up to $50,000 – an attractive proposition that’s reinforced by specialised customer service and fast turnaround times.

Whether you’re buying or selling security products, call 1800 623 611 or visit and discover how Thorn Equipment Finance can help.