REVIEW: ActivConsole

Everyone is talking about the ActivConsole range because it is increasingly becoming acknowledged as the one thing that is proactively increasing the wellbeing of its operators by drastically enhancing their workflow and increasing overall productivity across a number of industries as well as some of the most demanding working environments all over the world.


AME has literally revolutionised the electric height adjustable console by utilising ergonomic innovation and customisation resulting in significant benefits. The consoles are designed for use in security and surveillance control rooms in many industries including mining, security, oil and gas, process engineering, air traffic control and gaming facilities.

The consoles are powered by electric actuators and use framework made from aluminium profiles for a sturdy and lightweight construction. With the touch of a button, the console’s height is quietly raised or lowered.


Before the production of each console is efficiently undertaken, the AME System design team ‘scope’ every element of the work area and the operator’s functions/needs to ascertain the optimum console configuration. The Six Sigma Management principles are incorporated into the design as part of the overall ‘flow’ of the operation.

The resulting console will cater for every body size and shape using the workstation during a 24/7 operation. Every ActivConsole is uniquely customised for each specific environment, operator tasks and workflow and the ActivConsole product is designed with consideration to all relevant control room standards.

The True Value of Ergonomics in the ActivConsole Design

The pivotal element of every workstation design produced by AME System is ergonomics – the optimum way an operator interacts with every aspect of a console in order to achieve their performance objectives whether seated or standing. Naturally all ActivConsoles adjust electronically for a sitting or standing position.

Every ActivConsole designed is done with special focus on the operator’s role and performance functions. This allows for the operator’s specific requirements and ability to function within their ‘reach zones’ and the monitor ‘viewing’ distances and angles. Mobility of monitors, accessory placement, power and data cable management, postural chairs, console edges, clearance zones, footrests are all considered.

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