The Fermax VIVO monitor is created with elegance and makes a statement of uncompromising European style.  The VIVO monitor takes the interaction between man and machine to an intuitive and harmonious level.  VIVO is not only an excellent tool to manage communication, security and comfort in the residence; it does so in a manner that is simple and pleasant to the user and links in seamlessly to the LYNX by Fermax system. VIVO combines intercom, access control social networking, CCTV, automation e.g. CBUS and much more, all on one touch monitor.

Lynx by Fermax is the cutting edge technological system to manage communications, security and comfort for the most prestigious residential developments all over the world.  Fermax Lynx has changed the world by setting new standards for processing power and performance of digital video door entry systems equipment.  Lynx, being much more than simply TCP/IP, outperforms other option in the market by providing optimal world-class solutions for system integrators, real estate developers and home residents.  Lynx creates better outcomes for these three groups, ensuring that they enjoy maximum return from this innovative system technology by connecting state of the art technology, product design and engineering.