VIDEO Review: Server Rack Australia

IPAM CabinetDesigned specifically to isolate the hot aisle and/or cold aisle in a data centre, the iPAMM Cell makes the development of more powerful computer systems a reality. The cell works by isolating the hot aisle of a data centre while using in-row coolers mounted on the side or between cabinets to supply air directly to the front of the cabinet. The air becomes pressurised in the cold plenum and is directed through the equipment and into the hot aisle. The iPAMM Cell prevents the hot air escaping into the room and draws the air back to the in-row cooler so it can be circulated back through the equipment. By isolating the hot air, the iPAMM Cell becomes more efficient, as the hotter the temperature of the air when it returns to the in-row cooler, the more efficient the overall cooling process becomes. Another impressive feature of the iPAMM Cell is the fire detection and suppression system. Server Racks Australia has been working with Wormald to design a gas suppression system called Inergen, which is perfect for critical equipment. If smoke is detected in the cell, a staged alarm system is activated prior to the release of the suppression agent. The iPAMM Cell is completely customisable thanks to its plug and play functionality. It is even possible to add security to the whole cell to make access to the cabinets, centre aisle or the in-row coolers secure.