10 Basic Things Every Organization MUST-DO for Cybersecurity

by Anupam Bonanthaya

These days, it is a rarity if there is no news of a high profile cyber attack or breach every week or so. This week was the French Submarine builder DCNS who is building defense submarines for India, Australia, Malaysia and Chile.  Last week was SAGE. The week before was Oracle.

It is a common misconception that only high profile companies in specific industries get attacked. In reality every organization – big or small, across all industries is a target. Or that is what the data says.

The ones who hog the headlines just got lucky.

We put together a check-list in an infographic format to cover the basics of information security. 10 basic things that every organization must pay attention to in-order to stay away from the headlines when it comes to cybersecurity.



I wish we were in a position to say that “Do these 10 things and you will be 100% safe”.

Unfortunately, Cyber security is an area where there is no such thing as impregnable . It is a world where Einstein’s theory of relativity makes more sense. The question we need to keep asking ourselves is “How can I make myself more safe?”

It is a fact that Defense-in-Depth strategy works better. Defined as  multiple, overlapping, and mutually supportive defensive systems to guard against single-point failures in any specific technology or protection method.

Written by Anupam Bonanthaya

Chief Marketing Officer @Aujas, Passionate about Information Risk & Security. Working with customers globally to help them secure their Most Valuable Asset – Information Assets.