According to a recent report by UK news service The Sun, action star Steven Seagal has been banned from entering the Ukraine for five years after the security services (SBU) labelled him a security threat.

The ban comes in the wake of Seagul receiving a Russian passport from Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit with American actor Steven Seagal in the Kremlin late last year.

According to the report, a representative of the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) was cited as explaining “A decision concerning an entry ban is taken if there is enough information… about a person committing a socially dangerous act that contradicts the interests of Ukraine’s security protection irrespective of a territory where it was committed.” However, the SBU representative failed to provide any specific details relating to why the ban was enacted.

It is believed that the ban has come about in relation to Seagal taking the stage during a concert in the Crimean Black Sea port city of Sevastopol in August 2014, organised by Russian biker club the Night Wolves. According to the report, Seagal was declared persona non grata by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture in July 2015, along with some 600 other people no longer welcome in Ukraine.

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