Teleste VMS to CMSFor the best part of 10 years, manufacturers have used VMS (Video Management Systems) for the same purpose – to singularly manage analogue or IP video from cameras and display onto workstations or video walls.

Teleste, with its flagship platform S-VMX, takes this to the next level and have applied the term CMS (Content Management System). By default, S-VMX can accommodate analogue cameras via the Teleste family of manufactured encoders or other third-party encoders as well as direct IP cameras. However, the differentiator between VMS and CMS is Teleste’s ability to take in other information systems to enhance the user’s ability to monitor the whole environment, along with video security monitoring of cameras.

The S-VMX system is a web-based management system where the user interface can operate, administer, configure and install devices all from the browser. Anyone requiring access is verified against the systems database for the appropriate rights prior to being granted access. A standard feature of S-VMX can allow users to open internet-based webpages inside the S-VMX client interface. This is particularly useful when users are required to access the internet for additional information, such as the latest news reports, traffic information, and weather reports… all of which provide important information to assess situations in real-time.

Teleste’s S-VMX add-on module ‘Command & Capture™’ allows the connection of any third-party windows application to be streamed directly into S-VMX just like any other camera. This means S-VMX can now view and control other systems – such as irrigation, BMS, access control and even other CCTV/IP systems – all from within the S-VMX user interface. This is achieved by keyboard, mouse and video capture over IP, and does not require any deep SDK integration between disparate systems. This is an innovative way to ensure integration between different systems without the huge cost and time required for software development.

In addition, Teleste manufactures their own encoders – one in particular, the MCC201, has a HDMI input. This allows any HDMI display to be encoded by the MCC201 encoder and can be configured up to 1080p resolution as a video stream into S-VMX. A useful application is when corporate computers are required to be displayed onto video walls to show documents or presentations. Even Excel spreadsheets can be display with such clarity that individual cells can be clearly identified. Along with the ‘Command & Capture™’ module, it is now easy for the user to take control of the corporate computer via the S-VMX user interface.

It is easy to see why Teleste S-VMX is more than a Video Management System (VMS). The ability to view and control webpages, third-party Windows™ applications, corporate computers, and much more is now available. This new generation of managing information can assist operators to make a proactive decision based on real-time events with the convenience of controlling multiple systems via a single interface. Teleste S-VMX now provides security managers a platform that is not singularly focused on CCTV images. It is the next generation and it is called CMS (Content Management System) which allows the visualisation of numerous systems under one umbrella.

Teleste S-VMX is distributed by the communications specialist Optical Solutions Australia (OSA). OSA is renowned for their ability to provide quality communications systems and passive devices. They also supply fibre optic cabling, fibre optic test equipment, active Ethernet systems, and passive optical networks. OSA has a large technical resource base to support network system design, which is vital when distributing the Teleste S-VMX system.

For more information relating to the Teleste S-VMX system, please contact your nearest OSA office on 1300 130 423.