Make Madison’s Rapid Deployment Security Camera part of your surveillance strategy

    Madison Technologies recently released a new Rapid Deployment Camera (RDC) solution with integrated communications (Wi-Fi and 3G/4G) and backup battery. As industry interest surges, we take a closer look at the capabilities of this device.

    Now in its third iteration, the Madison RDC3 has been designed as a monitoring solution for use in areas where mains power is not available, or where camera monitoring is only temporarily required. With its unique lightweight construction, and flexible camera mounting (supporting any PoE camera) the RDC is the most innovative rapid deployment system on the market. Madison’s Industrial IT&C General Manager Lee Papadimitrious shares how and why the RDC is generating early interest as a solution for various applications.

    Easily deployable, making it perfect for major event security.

    The RDC has received great interest from security services providers who administer crowd control and risk management to major sporting and music events.

    One of the main challenges faced, is installing a surveillance system that fits the event’s unique and temporary requirements as well as meeting the latest connectivity needs, all within budget.

    And this is where the Madison RDC really comes into its own. Lee Papadimitrious explains, “The RDC3 can be deployed in about 5 mins. With the ability to remotely activate the unit, the RDC remains dormant conserving battery levels until it’s required. Once activated, the RDC provides a live video stream back to a central control centre for monitoring and/or storage.”

    “Security teams go to great lengths installing purpose built surveillance trailers. The RDC solution offers true rapid deployment, small footprint and numerous communications interfaces” he said.

    Improving public safety and reducing crime.

    The RDC device is already popular amongst Local Councils looking to improve public safety and reduce traffic, graffiti and vandalism crimes. One council has already deployed RDC units in a suburban location notorious for car hooning.

    “The Council is able to remotely monitor the area and record offenders, catching them in the act” Lee Papadimitrious said.

    In this application, the RDC automatically notifies the relevant administrator via SMS and email so that immediate action can be taken. The RDC has successfully assisted police and Local Council prosecute offenders, with fines in excess of $20,000 being issued.

    Reducing jobsite theft.

    Another area where RDC interest is growing, is with construction project integrators looking to implement inexpensive jobsite surveillance.

    As well as being able to monitor site efficiency and observe coming and goings, the key objective of jobsite surveillance is to reduce theft, break-ins and vandalism.

    “Losing equipment at night on jobsites is becoming an expensive exercise for builders and civil contractors” Lee Papadimitrious explained.pic1

    “By using the RDC, you not only get a visual indication of what’s happening, you also have the capability to activate a voice message to speak to the intruders – offering advanced indication that an alert has been raised” he said.

    The RDC can be moved from site to site with minimal fuss and when used with the optional solar interface, can be deployed for extended periods of time.

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    RDC3 integrated Wi-Fi support offers local viewing and configuration whilst the 3G/4G capabilities for remote viewing ensures that access to the RDC3 can be achieved virtually anywhere.