Introducing The Most Important Security Tool You Will Ever Have – And It’s FREE!

    image2Every security professional dreads getting the ‘please explain’ phone call from an irate, scarred or concerned employer or client. That feeling of uncertainty that one experiences as the question “What is going on!” gives rise to the realisation you have no real idea what the other person is talking about.

    “Don’t you know?”… “How can you not know!” demands the client or employer. “You are supposed to be on top of these things. You are our security manager.”

    As a security professional, one of the most daunting challenges in today’s online, always connected, 24/7 environment, is staying abreast of all the information relevant to one’s role without succumbing to information overload. Each day brings a flood of news about terrorist, criminal or security related incidents, new product releases, changes in best practice, updates to legislation and even the latest tenders and job offers. Furthermore, when each of these threads of information are received from separate sources via a multitude of channels such as: Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), blogs, discussion groups of one type or another and even news services, one can quickly feel overwhelmed, choosing to ignore much of the information and running the very real risk of missing something important and being caught short when that ‘please explain’ call arrives.

    Imagine if instead of being caught short, or having to sort through a deluge of information sources to find what you need, there existed a single source for all your security news, thought leadership pieces, product information and so on; a single information source that could be tailored to your needs delivering the content that you wanted to help you remain informed of all the relevant information required in your role, delivered in a format and at a time that suits you.

    The new Security Solutions App can achieve all of these things and more. Designed to be an all encompassing, constantly evolving security resource for today’s busy security professionals, the new Security Solutions App delivers news from around the world, as well as articles, videos, product information and more, directly to your device (Android or iOS) to keep you informed.


    The chief feature of the new Security Solutions App is the news feed. Unlike other news sources, the Security Solutions App focuses on security specific information, drawing on the top news sources, government sites and associations from around the world to bring you the latest news in one simple, easy to navigate location – your personal device, be it a tablet or smart phone.

    The Security Solutions App news feed constantly seeks out and curates the top security related stories from around the globe, updating as often and the news changes, to ensure that you always have the latest information at your fingertips. However, unlike other news feeds and apps, the Security Solutions App does not invasively ‘Push’ news to your device, unless you ask it to. Instead, each time you log into the App, your devices will quickly and efficiently gather all the latest security news from hand picked sources around the world.

    For those users that want to remain informed 24/7, there is an option to have the App advise you of news updates in areas of your choosing such as CCTV, Aviation, Event Security and so on. You simply choose the area you would like to be informed about and let the App do the rest. What’s more – it’s free! Yes, it’s free. We believe that every security professional should be informed and, more importantly, that it is our job to keep security professionals informed.

    If you don’t have time to read something you are interested in straight away, simply bookmark the relevant news item, article or video to have it stored in your favourites so you can come back to it at your leisure.

    In addition to keeping you up-to-date with the latest 24/7 security news, the SSM App also delivers a wide variety of articles from leading experts around the world. In fact, over the coming months, we will be populating an archive accessible through the App that will eventually give users access to virtually every article that has ever appeared in Security Solutions Magazine. These articles will be supplemented by pieces from other contributors, articles that have never appeared in the print or digital magazines providing fresh new perspectives on important security issues and practices. Again, how much will this cost you ask? It’s free – completely free. We want security professionals to be as informed and educated as possible.

    The Security Solutions App also houses and delivers up-to-date, relevant video content on things such as new products as well as interviews with leading industry thinkers and security professionals, all designed to help you be the best that you can be. Once again, all of the content is free. It is a service to the industry to help keep security professionals informed and up-to-date on the latest in the world of professional security.

    You need never again be caught off guard or unaware. Simply visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the Security Solutions App today for both tablet and smart phone and never miss another important announcement. With great content, in-depth articles, interviews and more, all in the one easily searchable and user friendly location – FOR FREE – what have you got to loose? Try it out today.